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Grow It Eat It PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations for UME Master Gardeners

Updated 1/29/18; Note: All presentations have been updated with the 2018 logos.

MG6 Drip Irrigating Your Garden (Phillips)

MG7 Organic Vegetable Gardening: Methods for Success (Scher)

MG10 Planning Vegetable Gardens (Carlson)

MG15 Cucurbits (by Jon Traunfeld with help from D. Koczaja and N. Tardiff)

MG18 Root Crops (Traunfeld)

MG23 100 Square Foot Intensive Garden (Montgomery Co. MGs)

MG24 Seed Saving (Montgomery Co. MGs)

MG25 Beans and Peas (Traunfeld)

MG27 Microgreens (Traunfeld)

MG28 Tomato Diseases & Abiotic Problems (Traunfeld)

MG29 Small Fruits for Maryland Gardens (Traunfeld)

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