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Fungal Entomopathogens: An Enigmatic Pest Student Research Assistant(1), Associate Professor and Extension Specialist(2)University of Maryland Department of Entomology
Virus Infections Common in Some Pumpkin Fields This Year Figure 1. Pumpkin plant infected with watermelon mosaic virus (WMV) August 12, 2014
Tomato Plastic Mulch and Shade Study Tomato plants were transplanted on 7 May 2012 into black (grower standard), white or reflective plastic mulch. Five different varieties of tomato were used: Mt Spring+, Celebrity, Mt Fresh+, Crista and Scarlet Red. When tomato plants began to develop fruit, a 30% shade cloth was randomly placed over 6-10 plants per row.
Virus Transmission by Striped Cucumber Beetle in Pumpkins Growers in the mid-Atlantic have been complaining about early season (late June early July) virus infections of their cucurbit crops, most notably pumpkins, squash and cucumbers and much less in watermelon and cantaloupe.
Organic Weed Control in No-Till Vegetable Systems Organic vegetable growers have a hard time managing weeds, as there are no reliable Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) chemicals for controlling grass or broad leaf weeds. Most of the time growers depend on tillage for weed control, but excess tillage can lead to destruction of soil structure and the loss of carbon from the soil.
2016 Fungicide Resistance Management Guidelines Available The Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) has released the 10th Edition of the guide, the Fungicide Resistance Management Guidelines for Vegetable Crops Grown in the Mid-Atlantic Region for 2016. Since 2007, over 20,000 FRAC guides have been distributed in the mid-Atlantic and surrounding region, representing over 100,000 A of vegetable production.
Nutrient Problems and Their Management in Tomatoes Learn about "Nutrient Problems and Their Management in Tomatoes" through viewing the very detailed and illustrated presentation below.
Seed Maggots Very Bad This Spring April 25, 2013 Jerry Brust-IPM Vegetable Specialist and Ben Beale-County Educator
Common Stink Bugs of the Mid-Atlantic - Hemiptera: Pentatomidae     Plant feeding (phytophagous) stink bugs: Green stink bug: Acrosternum hilare Brown stink bug: Euschistus servus Southern Green stink bug: Nezara viridula Brown Marmorated stink bug: Halyomorpha halys
Insect Controls  Some Reduced Risk Pesticides Used in Vegetables
Examining an Organic Control for Flea Beetles on Eggplant Gerald Brust, Caragh Fitzgerald, Dave Clements, Jon Traunfeld, and Bryan Butler Dececember 2006 Summary


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