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Master Naturalist Class Instructors

Each topic in the Master Naturalist training course is taught by a specialist in that field. Presentations provide an overview of the subject matter while incorporating local information and facts of interest. Classroom lectures and PowerPoint slideshows are supplemented by hands-on demonstrations, labs, and field work. The Program Facilitator organizes the schedule of classes and arranges the day (or half-day) that each instructor will teach.

Become an Instructor

Educational requirements to become an instructor are a minimum of either a Bachelor’s degree in environmental science, education, or a related field, or demonstrated comparable practical experience  providing environmental education programs.

The instructor must prepare the class in accordance with the goals of the Master Naturalist Program, as described in the Volunteer Manual. Guidelines and suggestions for successful presentations are supplied (see right). The instructor must also agree to sign a photo release and be evaluated after the class.

Instructors volunteer their time, but they are rewarded by conveying their enthusiasm and skills to a small group dedicated to passing on what they learn. The instructors teach future teachers, enlarging awareness of their particular field of interest and recruiting others to share their interest.

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