Want to Start a Farm Business? A Farmers Market? Promote What's Happening on Your Farm?

The County Agriculture Marketing Specialist and team can help you with these needs. Contact our Specialist, Charlie Sasscer (csasscer@umd.edu), or our office (301) 868-8780. Let us know if you would like to receive email updates (upcoming events, trainings and marketing and funding opportunities) for farms and/or farmers markets.

Be sure to check out the County's Agriculture Resources Advisory Committee for agriculture information and contacts within your area.

Farmers Markets

Are you a farmers market manager or vendor in Prince George's County looking for support, especially with navigating local regulations?

Perhaps you are a vendor looking to connect with a farmers market or vice versa. The Agriculture Marketing team can help you make those connections in addition to providing you with valuable resources to make your farmers market experience successful. Please use the contact information above for more information about a variety of resources available to you. 

Be sure to check out our resource folder, quick links, and tip sheet for additional information on applying for permits related to farmers markets in Prince George's County.

Check back for information about local markets!

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Are you a producer in Prince George's County looking for assistance marketing your raw or value-added product?

Perhaps you own land but aren't quite sure what to do with it and need some guidance and fresh ideas. Contact our Agriculture Marketing team using the contact information above for more information about the program and how we can help you with your farm or food business. We work with both rural and urban farms and local food businesses using ingredients from Prince George's County producers.

It's important for any business to have a game plan, and your farm enterprise is no different.

Many questions need to be answered in the areas of production, regulatory, business and marketing topics. The Starting a Farm Enterprise in Maryland Checklist contains a listing of resources as you consider a new farm enterprise. It includes government agencies, organizations, and production information that will be vital for getting started. In addtion, we have a list of additional business planning and marketing resources to assist you with your agripreneurial endeavors. If you are thinking about agritourism, check out our tip sheet on important contacts and resources. Finally, if you'd like some one-on -one assistance consider a virtual entrpreneurial coaching session with us!

StartingaFarmEnterpriseChecklist.pdf StartingaFarmEnterpriseChecklist.pdf UMEPGCAgMarketingResources.pdf UMEPGCAgMarketingResources.pdf UMEPGCAgTourismResources.pdf UMEPGCAgTourismResources.pdf


We send regular updates related to events, trainings, business planning, and marketing to producers in Prince George's County. To take advantage of this resource, please contact us.

Agripreneur Resources