Prince George's County Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educators work with farmers and farmers market managers by providing technical and educational information and resources. Agriculture programs focus on issues which include:

  • Agricultural Production
  • Agriculture Marketing & Regulations
  • Farm Management
  • Farmers Market Promotion & Regulations
  • Environmental Quality
  • Agricultural Nutrient Management Program
    • Soil Testing
  • Urban Agriculture

Your Extension Educators

*Charlie Sasscer Agriculture Marketing Agent (
*Chris Dowell - Nutrient Management Specialist (
*Esther Mitchell - Master Gardener Coordinator (

*Dave Myers is also an Extension Educator for both Anne Arundel and Prince George's Counties. Dave can help you with a variety of resources related to your enterprise. Contact Dave at 410.222.3906 or

Soil Testing Information

Although the University of Maryland Soil Testing lab has closed, there are many other labs available that conduct soil analysis. Not all labs can be readily converted into University of Maryland values. Producers will need to make arrangements with these soil-testing labs (i.e. obtain soil bags, forms, and make arrangements to mail the samples to the lab). For more information, see our Comparison of Soil Test Labs bulletin. This comparison provides Maryland producers who must obtain a nutrient management plan a list of approved labs that can be used for their nutrient management plan development. Please note that specific sampling procedures need to be followed in order for these lab's analysis to convert to University of Maryland soil test values. Producers required to obtain a nutrient management plan for their operation should follow the sampling procedures provided, rather than the lab's sampling instructions.

SoilTestLabs.pdf SoilTestLabs.pdf SoilSamplingProcedure.pdf SoilSamplingProcedure.pdf

Commercial Horticulture

Program Offerings:

  • Commercial Pest Management Training & Recertification
  • Private Applicator Training
  • Nutrient Voucher Training
  • Landscape Management Seminar & Commercial Pesticide Recertification

Solutions in Your Community:

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