University of Maryland Extension

Faculty & Staff

University of Maryland Extension


Dr. Jonathan Moyle
Regional Poultry Specialist
410.742.1178, ext. 309

Dr. C. Ed Beste
Associate Professor Emeritus
Pesticide Registration on Ornamental Crops
410.742.1178, ext. 306

Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station

Center Director

Michael Dwyer
Lower Eastern Shore Research and Education Center
27664 Nanticoke Road
Salisbury, MD 21801-8437
410.742.1178 ext. 303

Poplar Hill Facility

Facility Manager:

Mr. David Armentrout - Manager
27664 Nanticoke Road
Salisbury, MD 217801-8437
410.742.8788 ext. 315

Salisbury Facility

Facility Manager:

Mr. David Armentrout
27664 Nanticoke Road
Salisbury, MD 21801
410.742.1178, ext. 315

Auto Shop/Maintenance Manager:

Mr. Michael Kelley
410.742.1178, ext. 312

Farm Crew:

Mr. Fred Senkbeil

Ms. Vivian Calder
410.742.1178, ext. 341

Mr. Robert Jordan Miller
410.742.1178, ext. 329

Mr. David Long
410-742-1178, ext. 342

Director of Administrative Services:

Ms. Sherry Corbin
410.742.1178, ext. 302

Administrative Assistant:

Sheila H. Oscar
410.742.1178 ext. 301

Research Support:

Marylee Ross
IR-4 NE Region Coordinator/Field Research Directornn
410.742.1178, ext. 310

Megan James
Agriculture Technician Supervisor
410.742.1178, ext. 317

Other Staff:


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