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Lewis Shell
Photo by HGIC

Fragaria x ananassa

Everyone has special strawberry memories or recipes.  Strawberries are easy to grow and Maryland's climate is ideal for growing them.   So…join the club!   Grow strawberries in containers or in the ground. Choose a sunny location with organically enriched, well-drained soil (they do not like wet feet).  In a wet soil site, you can build a raised bed.  Select either a 'June bearing' or 'Day Neutral' (everbearing) type--both do well but produce at different times. (The name Everbearing is somewhat misleading, since this type usually takes a break in berrying from June to late August.) Both types are managed differently.  To choose a type, read about them under Small Fruit. The “Getting Started with Small Fruit” publication helps select and care for new plants.


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