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Spirea ‘Pink Parasols’

Lew Shell

Spirea fritschiana ‘Pink Parasols’ 

This improved spirea has much to offer beyond its extra-large pink “umbrellas” of flowers in early summer.  At only 2-3’ in height and a generous 4-5’ wide, it can be grouped to create a tall groundcover or used singly as a specimen plant.  Plus its neat blue-green foliage turns vivid orange and red in fall. Give it full sun, just about any soil type, and it will reward you with is a low-maintenance shrub that is also deer resistant. It does require good drainage. ‘Pink Parasols’ is a new variety of an old standby, Korean spirea. While Japanese spirea has been known to seed invasively in some mid-Atlantic areas, you can plant this spirea with no worries.

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