University of Maryland Extension

Snake Plant ‘Golden Hahnii’

Text by Lewis Shell. Photo by Virginia Williams

Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Golden Hahnii’

Snake Plant ‘Golden Hahnii’ is special among its species because it grows in a tight rosette that doesn’t get higher than about 6”.   While its taller cousins bear such dreaded names as ‘Mother-in-law tongue’ and ‘Devil’s tongue’, this one deserves the happier sansevieria name of ‘Lucky Plant’.  These houseplants are tough as nails and famous for surviving “black thumbs”, however ‘Golden Hahnii’ does require bright light and warm temperatures.  To prevent root rot, do not overwater or overfeed.  They don’t mind being root-bound, so can be left in the same pot for several years.


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