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Text & photo by Marian Hengemihle

Allium cepa var. aggregatum

Grow your own specialty crop! If you like gourmet ingredients, plant shallots, a dainty member of the onion family prized for mild subtle flavor without a strong onion or garlic taste. Their small bulbs and green grass-like foliage are edible, similar to green onions. The French Red shallot is the most common of several available varieties. Shallots can be grown from seed but bulbs, or sets, are most popular. Plant in spring or fall in loose rich soil about 1” deep and 3-4” apart in full sun.  Keep soil moist during growth, then allow soil to dry before harvest.  Bulbs are visible at soil level. Harvest when foliage browns and dies back.  Cure in a warm dry spot for about a week. Store in mesh bags in a cool dry ventilated area.  

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