University of Maryland Extension

Organic Weed Control in No-Till Vegetable Systems

Dr. Gerald Brust - IPM Vegetable Specialist
Organic tomatoes grown no-till with cover crop

Organic vegetable growers have a hard time managing weeds, as there are no reliable Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) chemicals for controlling grass or broad leaf weeds. Most of the time growers depend on tillage for weed control, but excess tillage can lead to destruction of soil structure and the loss of carbon from the soil. No-tilling cover crops is a possibility, but has several problems, most notably being unreliable as a season-long weed control method. Recent research I have conducted looks at using no-tillage and the addition of a weed barrier for season-long weed control in organic vegetable systems. View the presentation below for more information on the trials I have conducted and the subsequent results.

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