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Marketing basics

Ginger S. Myers, Extension Specialist, Marketing, University of Maryland Extension and Kim Rush Lynch, Extension Educator, University of Maryland Extension

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The time-honored marketing tenets of who, what, when, and where to market any products still apply to marketing the products of urban growers. These tenets are often referred to as the 4Ps of marketing - product, price, place and promotion.|

  1. THE PRODUCT: Exactly what are you going to sell? Define it in terms of what it does for your customer. How does it help your customer to achieve, avoid or preserve something? You must be clear about the benefits it offers and how the customer’s life or work will be improved if he or she buys your produce.

  2. THE PRICE: Exactly how much are you going to charge for your product, and on what basis? How are you going to price it to sell at retail? How are you going to price it at wholesale? How are you going to charge for volume discounts? Is your price correct based on your costs and the prices of your competitors?

  3. THE PLACE: Where are you going to sell this product at this price? Are you going to sell directly from your own farm or through wholesalers?

  4. THE PROMOTION: How are you going to promote, advertise, and sell this product –at this price, at this location? What will be the process from the first contact with a prospect through to the completed sale?

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