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Jump Start Your Fall Marketing Season Now

Ginger S. Myers

Mastering Marketing - August 2015

Summertime and the season is busy. Planting, harvesting, marketing, coordinating employees, and dealing with customers leave little time in the day to prepare for the busy fall agritourism and direct marketing season. But, now is just the right time to plan ahead for the Fall “crunch” time. Here’s a quick checklist of planning activities to tackle now for a more successful and less stressful Fall season:

  1. Get a large desk calendar and circle your important Fall event dates and harvest dates. Count back from those dates and circle the date when planning, advertising, hiring, or product ordering needs to start.

  2. Develop your advertising and social media marketing calendar and market those dates on the large desk calendar. Check what other activities and events are happening in your area in the same Fall period that you could piggy back on for cross-promotion. These type of links can be very helpful for social media promotions.

  3. Review what management protocols and marketing activities worked well for you during the last Fall season, and even more importantly, which one didn’t. Make management adjustments to address those problems.

  4. Check that your displays, checkout areas, and equipment is in good working order.

  5. Line up enough help for the entire season.

  6. Plan and execute at least one new activity or offering to help keep your product mix fresh.


August 2015

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