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Chapter 3: Marketing challenges and opportunities

Ginger S. Myers, Extension Specialist, Marketing, University of Maryland Extension and Kim Rush Lynch, Extension Educator, University of Maryland Extension

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Ginger S. Myers

Extension Specialist, Marketing
University of Maryland Extension

Kim Rush Lynch

Extension Educator
University of Maryland Extension

There are many marketing opportunities for urban farmers. When agriculture can take place literally in the customer’s backyards, this high visibility in a populated area can attract a wide variety of customers. Urban producers still face the challenge of competing with farmers from peri-urban areas that have more land, can produce greater volumes of product, and have lower cost of production.

Both urban and rural producers have the same set of problems:

  1. Balancing the price that customers are willing and able to pay with the costs of paying yourself and your employees a fair wage.
  2. Understanding and complying with regulations for both production and sales.
  3. Dealing with unpredictable weather conditions.

Because of these challenges, pursuing the correct marketing channels can be just as important to the success of any farm enterprise as its production practices. Producers will need to understand and promote all the attributes of their products and develop a targeted market strategy. Implementing this strategy will require market research, detailed planning, and a plausible implementation schedule.

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