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Physical health and safety Laws about workplace safety on the farm  |  Mental health and stress management  Health insurance  |  Employees and volunteers  |  Customers, protecting their safety and your liability  |  Neighbor relations and community engagement  | Hunger and food deserts  | Succession / Transition planning

Physical health and safety:

Power tool safety, from The Power Tool Institute:
Riding tractor safety, from Penn State Extension:
Ergonomics for farmworkers, by Sherry Baron, Cheryl F. Estill, Andrea Steege, and Nina Lalich. (2001), published by US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Working in outdoor and indoor heat environments, United States Department of Labor, Occupational Health and Safety Administration: https:/
Heat illness and agriculture, by Dennis Murphy (2014), Penn State Extension:
Remember sun safety in the field, by Charles Schwab and Janis Stone (2017), Iowa State University Extension:
US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Air Quality Index forecast:
Maryland Department of Agriculture Pesticide Regulation.
Farm and ranch safety audit. Guide M-117. Runyon, C. (2009) New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service.
Can you be sued for performing First Aid? Williams, M. (2017)

Laws about workplace safety on the farm:

Little, N.G. and Everhart, S. (2019) What Farmers Need to Know about the Worker Protection Standard. University of Maryland Extension Factsheet.
Child labor laws in agriculture, what you need to know, by Ashley Ellixson, on the Maryland Risk Management Education Blog:
Children and safety on the farm, by Dennis Murphy (2014), Penn State Extension:
Article on required sanitation facilities by Sarah Everhart, on the Maryland Risk Management Education Blog:
Farmers, are you complying with MOSH standards? By Sarah Everhart, on the Maryland Risk Management Education Blog:

Is my farm exempt? OSHA confusion continues, by Kristi Kress Wilhelmy, on the Maryland Risk Management Education Blog:

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Part 1928: Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Agriculture

Mental health and stress management

Farm Stress Management. University of Maryland Extension.
How to cultivate a productive mindset. Michigan State University Extension.
Maryland Network of Care:

Health insurance

Health insurance information for farmers, University of Maryland Extension: , In particular, the article “Farm Operations and Health Care Insurance” by Maria Pippidis, does a good job of explaining the options and key concepts.

Employees and volunteers

Maryland farm internships and labor laws, by SarahEverhart (2016), University of Maryland Agriculture Law Education Initiative:

A guide to agricultural labor laws: How best to comply with the relevant federal and Maryland state standards, by Pons (2014) University of Maryland Agriculture Law Education Initiative:

Managing Risks of Farm Interns and Volunteers, by Hannum and Armstrong (2016). Farm Commons:

Farm employee management, by O’Rourke (2014), Iowa State University Extension:, Covers hiring the right person in the first place, how to conduct interviews, and training new employees.

Tax and paperwork checklist for hiring a farm employee, by Armstrong (2014), Farm Commons:

Customers, protecting their safety and your liability:

Food safety, UMD Extension:

Farm insurance, Understanding agricultural liability: Premise’s liability, by Paul Goeringer (2014):

Maryland Insurance Administration:

A Consumer Guide to Farm Insurance, by the MD Insurance Administration:

List of insurance companies, by the MD Insurance Administration:

Neighbor relations and community engagement:

Maryland Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Conflict Resolution Service:
Guides to collaborative community needs assessments, collected by Rutgers University Extension:
Engaging communities section of Cornell Small Farms guide for urban farms:

Hunger and food deserts

Buczynski, A. B., Freishtat, H., & Buzogny, S. (2015). Mapping Baltimore City’s Food Environment. Baltimore, MD.
Lappe, F. M., Collins, J., & Rosset, P. (1998). World Hunger: 12 Myths. Grove Press.
Reynolds, K. (2015). Disparity despite diversity: Social injustice in New York City’s urban agriculture system. Antipode, 47(1), 240–259.
Rise and Root Farm blog, by Karen Washington:
Crensen, M. A. (2017). Baltimore: A Political History. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.
Baltimore’s Strange Fruit, film by Eric Jackson and Maddie Hard:

Succession / Transition planning:

The Farm Transition Planning section of the Ag Law Education Initiative’s publications website has helpful articles on choosing an attorney, talking with family members about estate planning, understanding estate tax law, calculating net worth, using conservation easements, and even navigating divorce.

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