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Photo: LEAD Maryland Alumni Committee Chair Bill Schrodel. Photo by Susan Harrison

LEAD Maryland Foundation has an Alumni Committee. Program graduates stay involved with and support the foundation and it's network of leaders. The Alumni Committee is currently chaired by:

Bill Schrodel (LEAD Maryland Class III, 2003-04, Brazil)

Please contact the LEAD Maryland Foundation office <> if you would like to serve on the Alumni Committee or participate in any Alumni activity.

The Alumni Committee:

  • Supports the mission of the LEAD Maryland Foundation;
  • Creates opportunities for program alumni with continued networking, communication, learning, and leadership opportunities;
  • Recognizes achievements of program graduates, and promotes the success stories of the alumni;
  • Helps recruit new applicants for the next LEAD Maryland class;
  • Encourages LEAD Alumni to attend LEAD seminars for the current class in a way that helps all to connect, learn, and grow.

Past/present activities include:

  • 1-day educational workshops and tours for alumni and other guests;
  • Newsletters to share alumni news, share announcements, to connect Fellows to new opportunities;
  • Social events, dinners, or other gatherings;
  • Participation at Maryland Million day of horse racing;
  • Recruitment of new fellowship applicants; and
  • Remaining involved as speakers and tour leaders of seminars;
  • LEAD Alumni complete fund raising efforts for the First Fund, and other individual giving efforts; In 2016, Alumni Fellows raised $10,000 from individual gifts and matching gifts.
  • Alumni attend and assist with the LEAD graduation, new class welcome, and alumni reunion celebration events. This celebration event is typically held in Spring  (March or April) of odd-numbered years.
  • Alumni encourage networking through special events, workshops, social media, and so forth;
  • When agricultural, forestry, natural resources, and rural leadership development programs from other states or providences have visited Maryland, LEAD Alumni have worked as a team to host and educate the visitors, providing tours, giving presentations, and participating in dinner programs.

If you are a LEAD Maryland Fellowship Program Graduate (LEAD Alumni Fellow), please see the tab on the left and please provide the LEAD Maryland Foundation your updated contact information.  This will ensure that you will receive announcements, invitations, newsletters, and other information.

Or send your contact information updates directly to:

There are two places to order LEAD logo apparel:

Lands' End


L.L. Bean

1. It is suggested that you check out Lands' End Business website to view all items for sale. The website may also provide codes for savings on shipping or sales, or free or reduced logo fees, or other promotions. 

It is suggested that you phone Lands’ End Business Outfitters at 1-800-338-2000 to place your oder. 

When you speak with the customer service representative, they can easily help you with your order.  If you want the logo in special colors, they may be able to tell you what LEAD customers have ordered in the past, and they may even be able to email an image to you immediately so you can see what the logo will look like on your item.

You may order items by going to the Company E-Store at Lands’ End Business Outfitters for LEAD Maryland logo apparel and other items:

All purchases are at your own expense, and orders do not go through, and are not copied to, the LEAD office. The LEAD office is not responsible for your business transactions with Lands’ End. LEAD Maryland receives no financial compensation from Lands’ End, this is not a fundraiser. (Lands' End will allow you to change the color of the logo to match or contrast with your item.)

You may call Lands’ End Business Outfitters at 1-800-338-2000.

Our logo name:  LEAD Maryland


2.  Please call L.L. Bean Direct to Business at 800-832-1889 and provide the LEAD logo number: 105823

Go to to shop, but call to place your order and pay.

All purchases are at your own expense, and orders do not go through, and are not copied to, the LEAD office. The LEAD office is not responsible for your business transactions with L.L. Bean. LEAD Maryland receives no financial compensation from L.L. Bean, this is not a fundraiser.  LEAD's logo can be embroidered in only the standard logo colors, blue and gold, at L.L. Bean.


Thank you!

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