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Hops Information

The popularity of craft beer and micro-breweries combined with the growing awareness of buying locally-produced agricultural products provides Maryland farmers with an emerging crop production opportunity: hops.   Research the possibilities of producing this high-value crop right here in Maryland.  Maryland and surrounding states have a good market for locally-grown hops.

Maryland Hope Grower's Association Facebook Page

This non-profit organization in Maryland is dedicated to the production of hops for local breweries & home breweries.

American Organic Hops Grower's Association

Dedicated to the promotion of using organic hops, this Association works with brewers to ensure their access to sources, and educates organic hop farmers.

Hop Project: University of Vermont

Due to the renewed interest and demand for hops in the Pacific Northeast, the University of Vermont Extension and their Soils Team has developed the Hop Project, a project dedicated to outreach and research for hops.

Local Breweries: 

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