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NEW Article (October 2019) - Browning White Oaks in 2019


Ambrosia Beetles

    - Ambrosia Beetles (granulate) - (see pest threats page)
   - 2016 Ambrosia Beetle Update
  - Ambrosia Beetles - description and management
  - 2014 Update

Aquatic Plant Pests: FS 818 Controlling 2 Aquatic Plant Pests: Nymphuliella daeckealis (Haimbach) and the Waterlily Leafcutter, Synclita obliteralis (Walker) (FS 818)
Asian Gypsy Moth (see pest threats page)
Asian Longhorned Beetle (see pest threats page)
Banded Elm Bark Beetle (see pest threats page)
Black Vine Weevil -Controlling a Major Nursery Pest-Black Vine Weevil, Otiorgynchus sulcatus (FS 805)
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Crapemyrtle Bark Scale (2020)
Citrus Longhorned Beetle (see pest threats page)
Emerald Ash Borer
Hard Decisions When Managing Ash Trees (pdf)
  - FS 835 - Emerald Ash Borer - Is it time to diversify?
  - FS 836 - A Serious Threat to Your Ash Tree

Grasshoppers: Life cycle and control
Gypsy moth (see pest threats page)
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
  - Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (see pest threats page)

Japanese Beetles
Japanese beetles and natural enemies
White grub management
On their way back in Maryland (June 2014)

Japanese Maple Scale
FS 967 - Japanese Maple Scale (2013)
  - Japanese Maple Scale - Woody Ornamental Host Plants (EBR 18)

Potato Leafhopper on Maple
Protecting Plants and Pollinators Part I: A discussion on neonicotinoids (posted April 2014)
Protecting Plants and Pollinators Part II: A brief summary of recent research (posted August 2014)
Scale Insects
Select Species Found in Maryland Landscapes
  - A chart of the scale crawler periods

Stinging Caterpillars Found in Maryland

Spiders Funnel spiders

Sirex Woodwasp
Sirex Woodwasp (see pest threats page)
  - Sirex Woodwasp

Termites in Mulch
Viburnum Leaf Beetle (see pest threats page)

Managing Insects and Mites on Woody Plants: an IPM Approach(formerly known as Bulletin 350) - this revised publication is now available through the Tree Care Industry Association

  • Authors: Michael J. Raupp, Ph.D. and John A. Davidson, Ph.D.




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