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February 27, 2020 Innovative Lawn Care Conference

After the Ban (in Ontario Canada): Moving toward biologically-managed turfgrass - Michael Brownbridge, Biobest
Diseases in turfgrass: A biological approach - David Clement, UMD Extension
Controlling Insects in Turfgrass With Organic Controls - Kevin Mathias, Retired, Institude of Applied Agriculture
Organic Lawn Care in Montgomery County: What does it mean? - Eric Wenger, Complete Lawn Care, Inc.
Weed Control in Turfgrass Without Standard Chemicals - Eric Wenger and Chuck Schuster, Retired-UME

December 17, 2019 Biological Control Conference

Biological Control in the Nursery - Julie Graesch, Bioworks
Hard Lessons: Organic Production of Nursery Stock - Steve Black, Raemelton Farm
Effects of Reduced Fertilizer Rates on Pests and Integration of Biostimulants Into Production - Michael Brownbridge
Mistaken Identify: Is it Western Flower Thrips or Onion Thrips? - Michael Brownbridge
Biologicals for Plant Disease Management - Mike Dimock, Certis USA, LLC
Entomopathogenic Fungi for Spotted Lanternfly - Eric Clifton, Cornell University
Biological Control & Banker Plants - Lance Osborne et. al., University of Florida
How to Attract Predators and Parasitoids to Improve Biological Control - Paula Shrewsbury, UMD


December 6, 2019 Pest Management Conference

Oak and Beech Issues in 2018-2019 - Karen Rane, University of Maryland Extension
MDA Pesticide Regulatory Update - Kelly Love, MD Department of Agriculture
Diseases of the Landscape - David Clement, University of Maryland Extension
Invasive Diseases to Look for in 2020 - David Clement, University of Maryland Extension
CSI: Maryland - Solving landscape mysteries with IPM diagnostic techniques - Heather Zindash, IPM Consultant

April 19, 2018 Invasive Species Conference

Pest Predictive Calendar and Emerald Ash Borer - Paula Shrewsbury, UMD
Invasive Plants: Maryland Tier 1 and Tier 2 Plants - Kim Rice, Maryland Dept. of Agriculture
Is it Oak Wilt? - Karen Rane, UME
Spotted Lanternfly - Mary Kay Malinoski, UME
Preventing Exotic Lepidoptera (moths/butterflies) from Entering the U.S. - Jim Young, USDA

March 26 - 30, 2018 IPM Scout Training

Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies - Andrew Ristvey, UME
Substrates Management - Andrew Ristvey, UME
Vegetable Fertility for IPM Scout Training - Jerry Brust, UME
Water Quality for Greenhouse and Nursery Production - Andrew Ristvey, UME

March 6-8, 2018 Cut Flower Short Course

High Tunnel Selection - Chuck Schuster, UME, and Stanton Gill, UME
Making More Money by Saving Money in Cut Flower Production - Carrier Jennings, Honeybee Farm
Dahlia Production - Richard Uva, Seaberry Farm
Peony Production - Richard Uva, Seaberry Farm
Peppers and Other Fall Crops - Chris Wien, formerly Cornell University, Richard Uva, Seaberry Farm, and John Stommel, USDA, Beltsville
Soil Management for Cut Flower Production - Andrew Ristvey, UME
Water Management in Cut Flower Production - Andrew Ristvey, UME
Native Plants for use in Cut Flower Production - Sara Tangren, UME
Woody Plants for Cut Flowers - David Thompson, Foxborough Nursery

September 2017 - Insect Talks

Thrips and Beneficials in Greenhouse - Stanton Gill, UMD
Ambrosia Beetles - Stanton Gill, UMD

March 23, 2017 Cut Flower Conference

Composting in Cut Flower Production - Benny Erez, EcoCity Farms
Fitting Cut Flower Species and Growing Techniques into Maryland's Volatile Climate - Chris Wien, formerly Cornell University
Cutting Garden at Brookside Gardens - Kelley Heim
Organic Fertilizers for Cut Flower Production - Andrew Ristvey, UMD
Woody Cut Stems - Richard Uva, Seaberry Farm

February 16, 2017 LCA Conference

Disease on Landscape Plants - David Clement
Sawflies - Stanton Gill

December 16, 2016 Integrated Pest Management  Conference

Aggressive and Difficult Weed Identification and Control - Chuck Schuster, UMD Extension
Top 10 Nursery Problems - Tina MacIntyre, VA Dept. of Agriculture
Major Insects and Mites Pests of Oaks - Frank Hale, University of Tennessee

August 18, 2016 Biological Control Conference

Biocontrol of Thrips from Roadblock to Cornerstone – How Biological Control Works in Canadian Greenhouses - Michael Brownbridge, Vineland Resarch and Innovation Centre, Ontario, Canada
Controlling Weeds in Nurseries with Alternatives to Conventional Herbicides - Dr. Jeff Derr, Virginia Tech
Biocontrol Options for Management of Soilborne Pathogens in Ornamentals. Dr. Wade Elmer, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

July 20, 2016 Perennial Diagnostic Program

Diseases on Herbaceous Perennials - David Clement and Karen Rane, UMD Extension

Insects - Pests and Beneficials - on Herbaceous Perennials - Stanton Gill, UMD Extension

May 26, 2016 Master Gardener Annual Training Day

Insects on perennials - Stanton Gill
Fruit trees for landscapes - Stanton Gill

March 8-10, 2016 Cut Flower Short Course

Business considerations for cut flower growers - Shannon Dill, University of Maryland Extension
Cut flowers for high tunnels - Ginny Rosenkranz, University of Maryland Extension
Flower farm to market transporation
- Richard Uva, Seaberry Farm
Going the Distance: How Plant Masters made the green by staying lean - Leon and Carol Carrier, Plant Masters, Inc.
Lilies and other specialty bulb crops - Ko Klaver, Botanical Trading Company
Water management for your flowers
- Andrew Ristvey, University of Maryland Extension
Healthy soils for your flowers - Andrew Ristvey, University of Maryland Extension
Micronutrients - Andrew Ristvey, University of Maryland Extension
Preparing the cut flower bed - Chuck Schuster, University of Maryland
Setting up a farmstead: Equipment considerations - Chuck Schuster, University of Maryland Extension
Woody stems for cut flower use - Richard Uva, Seaberry Farm

August 5, 2015 Alternative Crops Program

Edibles and Tropicals: What's New in Greenhouse Production - Heather McDermott Agri-Starts Inc.

Herbaceous native plants: Greenhouse production - Sara Tangren, University of Maryland Extension

Hops as an alternative crop - Tom Barse, Stillpoint Farm

December 11, 2014 Pest Management Conference

How to scout a nursery and landscape most effectively - Marie Rojas and Steve Dubik
Controlling the tougher weeds in turfgrass - Ginny Rosenkranz
Monitoring Pests in the Landscape - Debby Smith-Fiola, Landscape Enterprise LLC
IPM at Longwood Gardens - Grant Jones, IPM Specialist

August 21, 2014 Stormwater Management Program

Maintaining Vegetated Stormwater Practices: Raingardens, Bioretention, and Bioswales -  Mary Travaglini, Montgomery County, Maryland

August 6, 2014 Greenhouse Biological Conference

Aphid Management Using Biological Control - Rose Buitenhuis, Vineland Research and Education Center, Ontario Canada

Biocontrol of Thrips from Roadblock to Cornerstone - How Biological Control Works in Canadian Greenhouses - Rose Buitenhuis, Vineland Research and Education Center, Ontario Canada

Biocontrol for the Retail Grower - Stephen Barlow, Barlow Flower Farm

Biocontrol for the Wholesale Grower - Bob Dickman, Dickman Farms

Biopesticides for Greenhouse Use - Matt Krause, BioWorks

Experience of Small Greenhouse Growers in Pennsylvania Using Biological Control - Steve Bogash, Penn State Extension

Pesticides Compatible with Biocontrol Agents? - Doug Barrow, Biobest USA, Inc.

December 12, 2013 Pest Management Conference

Right Tree, Right Place - Ed Gregan, Carlton Nursery
U.S. National Arboretum Introductions - Scott Aker
Boxwood Blight Tolerance - North Carolina State University (Kelly Ivors talk)
Boxwood Blight Fungicide Table - North Carolina State University (Kelly Ivors talk)

November 7, 2013 Greenhouse Course
Location: Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, MD

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