University of Maryland Extension

Organizational Leader Forms

Howard County 4-H Club Policies and Guidelines

4-H Projects
  • Project List
Behavioral Expectations Code of Conduct
  • 2020 YOUTH Code of Conduct
  • 2020 ADULT Code of Conduct
Incident/Accident Report Forms
Consent Forms
Club Officers

Financial Documentation Information
  • Club Treasurer Books-Due Date:  October 15, 2019


Charter Application Supporting Documents

  • 4-H Club Additional Financial Entity form 
  • 4-H Club Bylaws Outline 
  • Affiliation Agreement for 4-H Clubs 
  • Public Relations Efforts by Clubs Form AA-4H/HE4 
  • Annual Financial Summary Report Form 
  • Annual Audit Checklist for 4-H Clubs 
  • Annual 4-H Club Property Inventory Report   
  • EIN/Tax Filing Resources
  • How to Apply for EIN – text 
  • How to Apply for EIN – with images 
  • Annual Tax Filing Tips for Club/Group Leaders 
  • Filing 990-N directions – text only 
  • Filing 990-N directions – with images 
  • Lost or Misplaced Your EIN? 

Club/Group Leader Resources

  • Financial Handbook for Club Leaders 
  • Financial Handbook for Youth Club Treasurers 
  • Monthly Club Treasurer’s Report Form 
  • Acknowledging Donations 
  • Cash Box Reconciliation Form 
  • Fundraiser Approval Request Cards – Single on a page 
  • Fundraiser Approval Request Cards – Set to Print four to a page 
  • Guidelines Regarding Naming a 4-H Club or Group 
  • Dissolution or Non-Renewal of Chartered 4-H Clubs 

Fundraising Fact Sheets

  • National 4-H Headquarters Fact Sheet- Raffles, Lotteries, and Games of Chance     ----
  • Maryland 4-H Statement on Raffles, Lotteries, and Games of Chance 
  • National 4-H Headquarters Fact Sheet – Fundraising: Private Support for the 4-H Program 
  • National 4-H Headquarters Fact Sheet – 4-H Fundraising: Sponsorships and Promotions 
  • National 4-H Headquarters Fact Sheet – Appropriate use of name and emblem for livestock sales, auctions … 
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