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Swine Identification Day (Tagging and Weighing)

2020 Swine Identification Day Information

Saturday, May 30, 2020 from 7:00 a.m until 10:00 a.m.


  • Packets including the cover letter will be mailed to families enrolled in the swine project on May 1st. If you do not receive your packet, you are welcome to contact the Howard County Extension Office at 410-313-2707 to request another one.
  • Registration forms need to be completed and sent to the Howard County Extension Office no later than Friday, May 22, 2020.  Please use one form per 4-H'er and per specie.  If you are unsure how to complete the form, please refer to the livestock registration form sample.  Animals cannot be transferred among family members once they are registered and tagged. 
  • If you have not received approval for animals to be housed at a location other than your own home, then you need to immediately email Sheryl at sends e-mail).  In the request, please include location where you plan to house your animals, reason why they need to be housed somewhere other than your own home, and plan to take care of animals on a daily basis.
  • BRED & OWNED ANIMALS means that you owned the dam last year prior to being bred, were enrolled in the breeding sheep, goat, or swine project, completed a project record for that breeding project, had the animal under your direct daily care, and housed at an approved location.  You needed to be enrolled in the breeding project for 2019 (when you bred the animal) and in 2020.  Siblings cannot have bred and owned animals that are from the same animal.


  • Health Papers can be completed for all exhibitors who do not have breeding animals at home. You cannot have health papers done if you have breeding animals of that species.
  • As we did last year, the CVI forms are NOT included in your packet as they will be distributed on June 30th.  That means you will need to complete the forms while you wait in line.  Please bring a pen and all animal information (Official US Identification number [RFID 840 # or Scrapie #], breed, sex, age, descriptive color/markings, ear notch) written down with you so you are able to complete.
  • For swine health inspections, the cost will be $20.00 per family as well. Again, you will need to indicate you need health inspections on the payment form.  Please have all of your pig’s information written down (including the official RFID tag number) to better assist you in completing the health forms.
  • Your health papers will be sent to you with the follow-up letter after May 30th.
  • Health papers must come to every fair with your animals.  Animals from one family can be placed on the same form.

Official US Eartags – When, Where and How to Get Them

  •  Please refer to the factsheet published by Maryland Department of Agriculture.
  • Additionally, MDA has published RFID Identification Requirement For Exhibition of Cattle and Swine Factsheet
  • Tagging animals is an important step in validating ownership of 4-H project market animals.  As in the past, tagging animals will be supervised by UME 4-H faculty/staff or an appointed designee (referred to as the committee).  Tagging will be done on the exhibitor’s trailer by the exhibitor (family) and observed by the committee, on Saturday, June 1st at the Howard County Fairgrounds.  If the exhibitor (family) does not feel comfortable tagging their own pigs, there will be a committee member available to tag animals.  The committee member will wear plastic boots over their shoes or rubber boots that will be disinfected.
  •  We are asking that you limit the number of people traveling with you to the minimal number necessary to restrain and tag your animals as well as load/unload.
  • When you arrive at the fairgrounds, you are asked to wait in line.  While waiting in line, we request that you stay in your vehicle until the committee arrives for tagging. Please do not bring any dogs.
  • All person(s) exiting vehicles will be asked to stay with the vehicle/trailer and not go to other vehicles/trailers while waiting.
  • We are asking that each family/trailer brings their own hurdles to use.  
  • If multiple children have animals on one trailer, they need to either be sorted or marked for easy identification.
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