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This 4-H project involves raising poultry of a meat-type from 1 day old baby chicks to finish, 6-8 weeks. The birds grow rapidly and are purchased in quantity for this project through University of Maryland Extension. 4-Hers taking this project learn to feed, care and manage these birds and it is a very short term project. The project is fun, interesting, short term, and requires a very low investment. Families are invited to order chicks for home use in order to learn more about this project. Also you have some delicious poultry for the freezer or you may market your birds for a cash profit. There are some options for processing your birds at the conclusion of the project. It is not advised to keep these birds for layers because they are bred for meat purposes and will become extremely heavy.

  1. Please remember you must be enrolled in the poultry project in order to exhibit 4-H broiler projects at the Howard County fair. The deadline to add projects is June 1st.
  2. Only broilers purchased through the Howard County Extension Office are eligible to be exhibited in the 4-H Broiler Show at the Howard County Fair.
  3. There are two ways to exhibit broilers-a pen of 3 and an individual broiler. Each 4-H member is limited to exhibiting one pen and one individual broiler. The Grand Champion Pen and Grand Champion Individual Broiler will sell in the 4-H Livestock Sale.  The Reserve Grand Champion Pen and Reserve Grand Champion Individual Broiler have the option to sell.
  4. Broiler chick will cost $1.75 each You can order as many broilers as you would like but keep in mind that a maximum of 15 birds per 4-Her will be banned (identified as 4-H projects).
  5. If interested in ordering, please email Sheryl at by Monday, May 20th with the following information:  Name of 4-Her,  number of broilers to be ordered, and cell phone number
  6. For information about the show at the fair, please refer to
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