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Beef Field Day

Howard County 4-H Beef Field Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the Howard County Fairgrounds.  It is mandatory for all junior, intermediate, and first year (Howard County) in the beef project 4-H members.  There are multiple reasons behind this requirement including educational components incorporated into the event as well as an opportunity for Howard County 4-Hers to work together, learn together and build relationships in relation to their beef project(s).  

 If you are a senior age member and this is not your first year with a beef project, it is not mandatory for you to participate.  However, we strongly encourage you to attend and actively participate.  Senior age members are mentors and role models for our younger 4-H members.  Additionally, the day provides you an opportunity to continue developing your leadership skills when working with other 4-Hers.

Please be sure to review the Beef Field Day letter as it contains important information for the day.  The schedule will also provide further details for the day.

Entry forms are due to the Howard County Extension Office by April 5th.  

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