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Foaling Services

Foaling Services

The University of Maryland offers foaling services and routine care to a limited number of pregnant mares with potential foaling dates in April and early May each year. We offer this service as part of our unique Equine Reproduction course where students are trained by experts prior to the arrival of the foals and then guided by faculty and staff in the care and management of the mare and newborn foal. We have years of experience successfully foaling out our own mares and are happy to extend the same loving care to other broodmares.

What we offer:

  • Board for two weeks prior and up to two weeks after foaling
  • Daily health checks, feeding, grooming, and administration of treatments
  • Daily turnout on pasture with shelter under video surveillance
  • Stabling in large well-bedded straw stalls at night under video surveillance
  • Close monitoring of changes in behavior and milk pH and calcium to predict foaling
  • Attendance at all foalings
  • Newborn foal care includes close monitoring to ensure benchmarks are reached, a routine enema, and antibody testing to ensure passive transfer occurred. After day 2, routine foal handling includes haltering, grooming, and hoof care.
  • Postpartum care of mares will include close behavior and vital sign monitoring to ensure optimal health, inspection of placenta, milk quality examination, and deworming to limit parasite infestation in foals.
  • Coordination of any necessary veterinarian examinations
  • Excellent record keeping of turnout, routine care, treatments, owner communication, etc.
  • Videos and photos of the mare and newborn
  • Daily cost: $25 per day with no addition foaling fee

Additional considerations:

  • Only mares that have a normal pregnancy and a normal foaling history, are up-to-date on vaccines, have no vices, and good ground manners will be considered.
  • Any required veterinary services, including emergencies, will be performed by Dr. Susan Mende of Wolf Creek Animal Hospital and expenses billed directly to the owner. To learn more about Dr. Mende, click here 
  • Mare owners provide supplements
  • An additional $5/day will be charged for on-farm critical of mares and/or newborns
  • Owners are responsible for arranging all on- or off-site breeding services as well as shipping
  • Note: We encourage owners of mares with abnormal or high risk pregnancies or a history of problems with newborn foals (i.e. angular limb deformities) to consider having a veterinary hospital provide foaling services.

If you would like the dedicated students and staff at the University of Maryland to foal out your mare in the spring, please click on the Foaling Service Interest Form to send your information. 

Foaling Interest Form


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