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Vegetable Problems

Common Problems of Vegetables

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Preventing Vegetable Plant Problems

  • Scout (monitor) vegetable crops at least once each week for plant problems. Identify the cause of major problems.
  • Tolerate minor insect feeding and other plant injury. 
  • Select disease resistant varieties when possibleCornell University's List of Disease Resistant  Vegetable Varieties 
  • Pick-off and dispose of insect pests by hand. 
  • Remove and dispose of dead, diseased, and infested plant parts.   
  • Use fencing and row covers to exclude pests.
  • Control weeds with mulches, hand-pulling, hoes and other cultivating tools.
  • Add diversity and beauty in and around your garden with plants that provide pollen and nectar for pollinators and natural enemies.
ambush wasp
Pollinators and Natural Enemies (Garden Helpers!)
radial cracks on tomato
Cultural & Environmental
early blight Diseases
squash bug and eggs
damping off of lettuce seedlings
Seedlings and Transplants
browsing deer

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