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Rose Chafer - Shrubs

rose beetle chafer adult

The rose chafer is another pest of ornamental shrubs. It prefers to feed on rose and peony flowers but also attacks apple, cherry, elm, wisteria, Virginia creeper, dahlia, foxglove, and other plants. Adult beetles are about 3/8" long. Larvae are white grubs and are about 3/4" long when grown. The adult beetles eat flowers and skeletonize the leaves of ornamental plants. The grubs feed on roots of grasses, weeds, and ornamentals in sandy areas. The adults feed in the daytime and may be found on skeletonized foliage and flowers of preferred host plants in sandy areas from late May through early June (in Maryland). In light infestations, pick off and destroy adult beetles. Heavy infestations may require the application of a residual insecticide to protect flowers and foliage of desirable plants.

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