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Japanese honeysuckle

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Japanese honeysuckle*
Lonicera japonica



Life cycle: deciduous woody vine in cold climates, semi-evergreen to evergreen in warmer areas
Growth habit: climbing or trailing woody vine; girdles young plants it entwines; leaves opposite, shape variable with entire margins mid-late season, but may be deeply lobed in early season

overgrown Japanese honeysuckle
Japanese honeysuckle overtaking a natural area
Photo: James R. Allison, Georgia Department of Natural Resources,

Reproduction: seed; black berries in pairs; flowers fragrant, white to creamy, in pairs arising from leaf axils

Japanese maple fruit
Black berries
Photo: Leslie J. Mehrhoff, University of Connecticut, 

Conditions that favor growth: common weed in commercial nursery operations, can engulf small plants and saplings; it can displace native vegetation if not controlled
Cultural control:  remove vines early before they strangle desirable plants and take over native habitat; constant maintenance needed to eradicate established growth

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