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Grape Planting and 

ripe grapes

Grapes have been cultivated for thousands of years. The grapevine adapts relatively well to a wide range of soils and can be grown and manipulated rather easily.

Wine Grapes
Before planting wine grapes (Vitis vinifera), you should visit local wineries and do some research. These grapes require specialized knowledge of site requirements, pruning, and pest management. V. vinifera cultivars are generally less cold-hardy and more susceptible to black rot than table grape (V. labrusca) cultivars. Wine grapes must be very ripe to make good wines. Table grapes are good even when under-ripe. Canopy management and good exposure of clusters to light is more critical for wine grapes.

V. vinifera cultivars that can be successfully grown at home include: Chardonnay (only good sites), Vidal Blanc, Seyval Blanc, Cabernet Franc (only good sites), Chambourcin, and Foch

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