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Dollar Spot - Lawns

dollar spot in a zoysia lawn

Dollar spot in zoysia. Photo by K. Mathias, U. of MD

Dollar spot is a common fungal disease of turfgrasses in Maryland throughout the growing season.  Dollar spot affects all species of turfgrass grown in Maryland, including zoysia. Tall fescue appears to be resistant.


Hourglass-shaped lesions, extending across the blade with whitened centers and dark borders. Produces numerous two- to six-inch spots.

white dollar spot lesion
Dollar spot on zoysia

Conditions favoring disease

  1. Occurs late spring through fall. Causes most damage in June-July.
  2. Usually more prevalent on under-fertilized turf.
  3. Drought, thatch, and compacted soil increase disease susceptibility.


  1. Follow recommended fertilizer schedule.
  2. Aerate and eliminate thatch in the lawn.

**University of Maryland Extension Lawn Fertilizer Schedule for Home Lawns**

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