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Dog Urine - Lawns

multiple dead spots on lawn

Deep green patches or straw colored patches surrounded by a ring of dark green turf may indicate dog urine damage to the lawn. Affected areas are usually circular and six to ten inches in diameter. Damage to lawns from dog urine is variable because the concentration of salts and acidity of the urine, which burns the grass, is variable. Dog urine also contains nitrogen, which is responsible for the deep green color associated with many patches. Severe damage is more likely to occur on drought-stressed turf in hot weather.

Heavy irrigation, as soon as possible after a dog visit to your lawn, will reduce damage and promote recovery of spots. The crown tissue may be killed, however, surrounding grass will usually grow to fill in the spot. To repair the damage quickly, sod the affected areas after watering thoroughly. If it is not possible to prevent dogs from visiting your lawn try to vary the urination location.

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