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Cyclamen mites - Vegetables

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Rough patches on peppers

peppers with cyclamen mite damage


  • They are tiny, pests that attack a wide range of flowers, usually in spring and late summer or fall when humidity is high.

close up of cyclamen mites
cyclamen mite
Photo: John Davidson

Life Cycle/Habits

  • Cyclamen mites usually come in on greenhouse plants or migrate in from strawberry plantings and are difficult to control when conditions favor their growth. 
  • The mite injects a growth regulator into foliage while feeding that causes leaves to twist and crinkle and sometimes become very large. The symptoms mimic virus injury.

Host Plants

  • Cyclamen mites can be a minor pest of pepper and tomato.


  • Fruit feeding produces a dramatic russetting - usually at the stem end. 
  • Fruits appear to be covered with a very fine, brown netting that feels slightly rough. 

russetting caused by cyclamen mits
Fruit feeding produces a dramatic
russetting - usually at the stem end


Remove distorted leaves and injured fruit.



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