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Bird Mites

bird mite

Bird Mites, also known as northern fowl mites are parasites of birds and domestic fowl. They become pests in the home when they migrate from bird nests on/or in the home and bite humans. They are very tiny, a millimeter or less in length. The color varies from white before feeding, and red to black after feeding. Problems with bird mites typically occur when bird nestlings leave the nest. The hungry mites leave the nest in search of more birds to feed on. For outside nests, they usually come down the wall and enter via window frames or other openings in the exterior wall. For interior nests, they usually come through the attic and enter via openings in the ceiling or interior wall surfaces.


To control an infestation of bird mites, first locate the nest. If it is empty, slip a plastic bag over it, seal the bag and dispose of it. For additional help, please see the following information:

University of Minnesota Extension: Bird and rodent mites in homes

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