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Stink Bug or Squash Bug - Can You Tell the Difference?

Many of us have at least a few squash or pumpkin plants in the garden which means most of us have encountered squash bugs. Some gardeners are seeing this pest but believe they are brown marmorated stink bugs. Here are four photos to help you learn the difference in the appearance of the adults, egg masses, and recently hatched immature forms of these pests. In any case- SQUISH, STOMP, and KILL! (Read more about squash bugs and brown marmorated stink bugs)

Adult  marmorated stink bug
Adult brown marmorated stink bug

adult squash bug and eggs
Adult squash bug

marmorated stink bug nymphs and eggs
Brown marmorated stink bugs and nymphs
Photo: Dr. Mike Raupp
squash bug eggs and nymphs
Squash bug eggs and newly hatched nymphs 

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