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List of Publications:




Invasive Plants

(PDF) HG 88 - Invasive Plant Control in Maryland
(PDF) Guidelines for Disposal of Terrestrial Invasive Plants

Native Plants

(PDF) HG 120 - Native Plants of Maryland: What, When and Where

Ornamental Plants

(PDF) HG 17 - Aquatic Gardening: Construction and Maintenance
(PDF) HG 17a - Basics of Planting Aquatic Plants
(PDF) HG 28 - Bamboo 
(PDF) HG 107 - Clematis - A quick guide to pruning 
(PDF) HG 99 - Dividing Herbaceous Perennials
(PDF) HG 20 - Introduction to Herbaceous Perennials
(PDF) HG 94 - IPM Series: Annuals and Perennials
(PDF) FS 556 - Preserving Flowers and Leaves
(PDF) HG 105 - Tropical plants - Overwintering 
(PDF) HG 85 - Watering Tips for Drought Conditions
(PDF) HG 25 - Xeriscaping & Conserving Water in the Landscape


(PDF) HG 108 - Roses - A quick guide to pruning
(PDF) Bull 164 - Rose for Every Garden, A
(PDF) EB 238 - Trees - Leaf Key to Common Trees in Maryland
(PDF) HG 85 - Watering Tips for Drought Conditions
(PDF) HG 25 - Xeriscaping & Conserving Water in the Landscape

Trees/Shrubs Insects

(PDF) HG 43 - Cicadas

(PDF) FS 476 Controlling Gypsy Moth Caterpillars with Barrier Bands    

(PDF) HG 92 -  Slugs and Snails
(PDF) FS 822 - Slugs - Managing Slugs in the Garden and Beyond
(PDF) EB-428 Emerald Ash Borer Will Affect Maryland's Eastern Shore

Trees/Shrubs Landscape Problems

(PDF) Stormwater Runoff: What to do When It Impacts You?
(PDF) HG 62 - IPM Series: A Common Sense Approach to Managing Landscape Problems  
(PDF) HG 94 - IPM Series: Annuals and Perennials   
(PDF) HG 58 - IPM Series: Birch Trees 

(PDF) HG 54 - IPM Series: Pine  
(PDF) HG 61 - IPM Series: Shade Trees 
 ARG97-27 - Mulch - What's Growing in My Landscape Mulch? (download PDF)
(PDF) HG 202 - Planting Problems of Trees and Shrubs: Homeowner Landscape Series  


(PDF) HG 601 - Grow Your Own Greens with Salad Tables™ & Salad Boxes™ 
(PDF) HG 59 - IPM Series: Eggplant 
(PDF) HG 57 - IPM Series: Peppers 
(PDF) HG 55 - IPM Series: Potatoes
(PDF) HG 56 - IPM Series: Tomatoes
(PDF) HG 38 - Late Blight of Potato and Tomato 
(PDF) HG 16 - Planting Dates For Vegetable Crops in Maryland
(PDF) HG 70 - Recommended Vegetable Cultivars for Maryland Home Gardens
(PDF) HG 72 - Root-Knot Nematodes and Vegetable Crops
(PDF) FS-1077 UME Food Safety in Your School Gardens, Classrooms, and Greenhouses
(PDF) GE 002 - Basic Steps Summary
(PDF) GE 003 - Monthly Tips for Food Gardeners
(PDF) GE 004 - Floating Row Cover
(PDF) FS 824 - Forage Radish: New Multi-Purpose Cover Crop for the Mid-Atlantic
(PDF) GE 006 - Cover Crops: Protect and Improve Your Soil (Cover Crop)
(PDF) GE 007 - Vegetable Planting Calendar for Central Maryland
(PDF) GE 133 - Twenty Vegetable Crops for School Container Gardens
(PDF) GE 134 - Year One: Garden Plan



(PDF) HG 28 - Bamboo 

Lawn and Garden 

Chesapeake Bay

(PDF) HG 62-IPM:A Common Sense Approach to Managing Landscape Problems
(PDF) FS 703 - Pet Waste and Water Quality
(PDF) FS 1014 - Landscapes That Help the Chesapeake Bay
(PDF) FS-1062 - Permeable Hardscapes
Bay-Wise (PDFs)
Riparian Buffer Systems (PDFs)

MD Department of Agriculture – Backyard Actions for a Cleaner Chesapeake Bay Series

(PDF) #1 Try Pesticide Alternatives
(PDF) #2 Use Fertilizers Responsibly
(PDF) #3 Control Soil Erosion and Rainwater Runoff
(PDF) #4 Try Composting
(PDF) #5 Conserve Water
(PDF) #6 Plant Cover Crops
(PDF) #7 Attract Pollinators to Your Garden 
(PDF) Backyard Actions for a Cleaner Chesapeake Bay 

 Insect Pests/Ticks/Spiders

(PDF) BB 2 - Bed Bug Fact Sheet from Penn State University
(PDF) Bites - Is Something Biting Me? from Penn State University

(PDF) EB 248 - Common Stinging Insects

(PDF) Lyme Disease - MD Infectious Disease & Environmental Health Admin. 
(PDF) FS 811 - Mosquitoes - Protecting Yourself from Mosquito Bites
(PDF) FS 822 - Managing Slugs in the Garden and Beyond
Spiders - (download PDF)  Commonly Encountered Spiders, Penn State University
(PDF) Spotted Lanternfly, by Peter Coffey. Includes graphic representation of life cycle
(PDF) EB 245 - Termites: Prevention, Detection, Control
(PDF) FS 772 - Termites: Homeowners Guide to Termite Baits
(PDF) Ticks - Ticks fact sheet from Penn State University
(PDF) Tick Identification Form - Instructions for submitting tick samples to the Maryland Department of Agriculture (for Maryland residents only)

University of Maryland Extension Department of Entomology publications

(PDF) UME Leaflet #4 - Pesticide Resource Contacts - Emergency and Non-Emergency
(PDF) UME Leaflet #10 - Using Insect Repellents Safely
(PDF) UME Leaflet #11 - Practices for Safe Use (Pesticides)
(PDF) UME Leaflet #13 - Disposal of Pesticide Containers
(PDF) UME Leaflet #27 - Understanding Pesticides
(PDF) UME Leaflet # 28 - How to Read a Pesticide Label
(PDF) UME Leaflet # 29 - How to Read a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDA)
(PDF) UME Leaflet # 37 - Section 25 (b) Pesticides: Minimum Risk?
(PDF) UME Leaflet #45 - Protecting Pet Health when Using Flea and Tick Control Products
(PDF) UME Leaflet # 46 - First Aid for Pesticide Emergencies
(PDF) UME Leaflet # 47 - How to Handle Spills of Household Pesticides 

Lawns: HGIC and MD Dept. of Ag. Publications

(PDF) HG 306 - How to Measure Your Yard
(PDF) HG 63 - IPM Series: Turf
(PDF) FS 703 - Pet Waste and Water Quality
(PDF) MDA 15.06 - How to Choose a Lawn Care Service
(PDF) MDA 15.07.14 - Maryland's Lawn Fertilizer Law
(PDF) MDA 15.01.13 Fertilizer Use Act of 2011
(PDF) GGL - Growing Green Lawns
(PDF) How to Fertilize Your Lawn Responsibly

Lawns: University of MD Extension Commercial/Homeowner Publications

(PDF) TT 15 - Identification and Management of Brown Patch Disease
(PDF) TT 18 - Summer Patch Disease of Lawn Grasses
(PDF) TT 23 - Fairy Rings and Their Control
(PDF) TT 24 - Red Thread and Pink Patch Diseases of Turfgrass
(PDF) TT 38 - Maryland Turfgrass Disease Control Recommendations
(PDF) TT 43 - Herbicides for Crabgrass and Goosegrass Control in Turf
(PDF) TT 46 - Perennial Grass Weeds and Their Control in Turf
(PDF) TT 49 - Broadleaf Weed Control in Established Lawns
(PDF) TT 62 - Irrigation and Water Conservation on Home Lawns
(PDF) TT 68 - Establishing and Maintaining Fescues for Low Maintenance Sites
(PDF) TT 77 - 2019_Recommended Turfgrass Cultivars for Certified Sod and Professional Seed Mixtures
(PDF) TT 115 - Fertilizer Recommendations for Commercially Maintained Lawns and Turfgrass in Maryland
(PDF) TT 116 - Nutrient Management Guidelines for Turfgrass Seeding and Sod Installation
(PDF) TT 119 - Nutrient Management Guidelines for Athletic Fields in Maryland
(PDF) TT 120 - Amending Soil with Compost to Reduce Stormwater Runoff and Lawn Fertilizer Use
(PDF) TT 121 Tall Fescue Microclover Lawns  


(PDF) HG 18 - Lead in Garden Soils
(PDF) ARG97-27 - Mulch - What's Growing in My Landscape Mulch?
(PDF) 426-724 - Mulching for a Healthy Landscape (from VA Cooperative Ext.)
(PDF) GE 006 - Protect and Improve Your Soil with Cover Crops
(PDF) HG 42 - Soil Amendments and Fertilizers
(PDF) FS 704 - Saving Your Soil and the Chesapeake Bay
(PDF) FS 824 - Forage Radish: New Multi-Purpose Cover Crop for the Mid-Atlantic

Soil Testing

(PDF) Soil Test Brochure - Maryland Dept. of Agriculture & Home and Garden Info Center
(PDF) HG 110 - Soil Testing - Selecting and Using a Soil Testing Laboratory (without list of soil testing labs)
(PDF) HG 110a - Soil Testing - List of Regional Soil Testing Labs
(PDF) HG 110 & HG 110a - Combination of publications in one document
(PDF) HG 11 - Soil Test Basics


(PDFs) Woodland Stewardship Wildlife Management/Beneficial Birds
(PDF) HG 90 - Dealing with Nuisance Wildlife
(PDF) HG 64 - Snakes
(PDF) FS 655 - Resistance of Woody Ornamentals to Deer Damage
(PDF) FS 655a - Addendum to Wildlife Damage Management  Resistance of Ornamentals to Deer Damage - Invasive Plant Alert! 
(PDF) FS 810 - Using Commercial Deer Repellents to Manage Deer Browsing in the Landscape
(PDF) FS 654 - Reducing Vole Damage to Plants in Landscapes, Orchards and Nurseries
(PDF) EB 354 - Managing Deer Damage in Maryland



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