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Winter 2020

  • Deice the Bay-Friendly way
  • Plants for privacy screening
  • Plant ID apps
  • HGIC's Certified Professional Horticulturists
  • Trouble shooting tropical plants in containers
  • Amaryllis care
  • Demystifying seed catalogs
  • Research results on stormwater management
  • Upcoming events
  • Garden tips & tasks
HGIC newsletter winter 2020

Fall 2019

  • Fall drought challenges
  • Why are so many oak trees dying?
  • Does your cherry laurel look like this?
  • Weeping cherry oozing sap and what to do about it.
  • Video: Climate friendly gardening
  • UME Master Gardener Event: Green walls
  • AGNR Event: Ensure a clean & healthy Chesapeake Bay
  • Garden tips & tasks
fall newsletter 2019

Summer 2019

  • Is this a pollinator?
  • Pesticides kill pollinators
  • Three Maryland Master Gardener programs honored
  • New web content on native plants
  • UME Learning Garden at the State Fair
  • What is the best time to prune hydrangeas?
  • Climate change and the Chesapeake
  • New snakes publication
  • Urban farming is looking up! (video)
  • Gardening tips & tasks
  • Upcoming events
summer 2019 newsletter

Spring 2019

  • Get growing with container gardens
  • Why lawns are such a challenge in Maryland
  • Watch out for spotted lanternfly
  • Boxwood blight update
  • Should I remove nandina from my home garden?
  • How to manage stormwater in your landscape
  • Upcoming events
  • 2018 HGIC | Master Gardener Annual Report
HGIC spring 2019 newsletter

Winter 2019

  • How to choose a seed catalog
  • Soil testing labs update
  • Climate change - How is it effecting your property?
  • To wrap or not to wrap a southern magnolia
  • Spotted lanterfly - a dire threat to crops in Maryland
  • Boxwood blight - how to dispose of holiday greens
  • Emerald ash borer - track the damage with USDA's Story Map
  • Update to website organization
  • Stormwater management resources
HGIC Newsletter Winter 2019

Fall 2018

  • What is orange and black and eating my milkweed plant?
  • Don't be fooled by burning bush!
  • Oct. 6 - AGNR Open House
  • Video: How to send in your plant ID questions
  • Video: Deer ticks and Japanese barberry
  • Video: Fertilize your lawn
  • Upcoming events
  • Upcoming training opportunities
  • Common fall spiders
HGIC Fall 2018 newsletter

Summer 2018

  • What can I do about all these weeds?
  • Mosquito control strategies
  • Survey of our service
  • New Law in Maryland: Pollinator Protection Act
  • Meet a pollinator: Cellophane bee
  • 2017 Annual Report

Spring 2018

  • Spotted lanterfly moving closer to Maryland
  • Spring Lawn Care: How to deal with weeds and bare spots
  • Raised Beds: How to build; advantages and disadvantages
Spring 2018 newsletter image

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