Prince George's County Community Gardens

pole beans community garden

  • Cheverly Community Vegetable Gardens corner of State St and 64th Avenue in Cheverly, MD
    38 in-ground plots, 4 ft x 20 ft
    $20 Cheverly residents / $30 non-residents
    Member run cooperative
    Contact: Dave Kneipp -
    Water, compost bins, deer fencing, shared tools, storage shed, and restrooms available.
    Open dawn to dusk, March through Nov.
  • District Heights - Fiesta Place Garden.  6717 Gateway Blvd off Marlboro Pike in District Heights.
    Use of organic products only! For more information please contact Deborah Turner at
    Plot fees (include key and water):
    4' x 8' $30 yearly
    4' x 4' $18 yearly
  • Berwyn Heights Community Garden - located between 58th and 59th Ave., off of Greenbelt Road. There are 30 plots, 4' x 8', for $30 per year. Deer fence, water, tools, seeds, compost bin, and other resources provided.  Training for the beginner and advanced gardener also available.  Contact Trinity Tomsic for details: or 301-474-6350.
  • 9301 Cherry Hill Road in College Park (near the Home Depot) – 41 plots (about 25’ x 30’) available for $30 per season on a first-come first-served basis (plots assigned the first business day in February; plots ready to use in April, weather permitting).  Call the MNCPPC Permit Office at 301-699-2400 for availability.  Water not available for irrigation, no restrooms available, gravel parking lot, fertilizer and pesticide use okay per manufacturer’s directions.  All plots plowed under on October 1st.
  • Field of Greens Community Garden – Operated by University of Maryland Extension, the garden is located behind the Center for Educational Partnership in Riverdale, MD.  Started in 2014 with funding from Prince George’s County Redevelopment Authority and the support of many community partners, the garden offers 150 square foot plots for local individuals and families, a youth garden for student groups and a communal food forest.  The project was initiated to expand sustainable, urban agriculture opportunities in the Riverdale community, especially reaching out to local refugee families without access to land.  Field of Greens is still developing and more plots will be available for any interested community members in 2015.  $20 per year.  Attendance at volunteer work days required.  For more information, please contact Michelle Nelson at or 301-770-2806 ext. 706.
  • Greenbelt Community Garden Club – 46 plots off Hamilton Place and 20 in Gardenway area.  Little turnover in plots and 80 to 90 % of the gardeners are Greenbelt residents, no water available for irrigation.  Contact information Greenbelt Community Garden Club.
  • Hyatt Park Community Garden in Hyattsville - located at the corner of Hamilton St. and 36th Ave. Forty 15' x 15' plots are available on a first-come first-served basis. Rent is $30/yr. Water and compost bins are available to gardeners.  See their website for application and more information.
  • Laurel Community Garden on 7610 Old Sandy Spring Road, Laurel
    Plot sizes:
    20’x20’ Fees $40 each for City of Laurel Resident (Non-resident $55);
    10’ x20’ Fees $35 each (N/R $50)
    10’ x 10’ $30 each (N/R $45)
    3’ x 12’ $25 each (N/R $40)
    There is also a one-time start-up fee of $125
    Register at the Laurel Municipal Center at 8103 Sandy Spring Road, Laurel. (301) 725-5300
  • New Carrollton Community Gardens - restricted to New Carrollton residents. Fenced 4'12' raised beds; water and tool storage available; parking nearby. Contact New Carrollton city hall 301-459-6100 for more information.
  • Old Landover Road – 6424 Old Landover Road in Landover Knolls – 10 plots sized 20’ x 20’ for $55 and 9 plots sized 10’ x 20’ for $35.  Cistern water system, deer fence, gravel parking lot, no restrooms available. Call the MNCPPC Permit Office at 301-699-2400 for availability and guidelines.
  • Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex – 8001 Sheriff Road in Landover – located at the rear of Lot G42. Plots sized 20’ x 20’.  $55 per season.  Two water spigots available, deer fence, parking, restrooms available in Complex. Call the MNCPPC Permit Office at 301-699-2400 for availability and guidelines.
  • Sheridan Street Community Garden (formerly Master Peace Community Gardens) at the University of Maryland’s Center for Educational Partnership, 6200 Sheridan Street in Riverdale, MD.  47 plots total; $20 per year. Requires 4 hours of volunteer work per year and attendance at 2 or more monthly garden meetings.  Organic management only. View their website for an application and more information.  For more information on the Sheridan Street Community Garden, contact Michelle Nelson at or 301-779-2806 ext 706.
  • Walker Mill Regional Park – 8840 Walker Mill Road in District Heights – 30 plots sized 20’ x 20’. $55 per season.  Two water spigots available, deer fence, gravel parking lot, no restrooms available at garden site. Call the MNCPPC Permit Office at 301-699-2400 for availability and guidelines.
  • Wheatley Garden - Beltsville
    12 in ground plots - 9 (10x18) and 3 (9x18)
    Fees: $50.00 (10x18) $45.00 (9x18)
    Available: water, compost bins, deer fencing, shared tools, grass and leaves.
    March 1 - November 1, dawn to dusk
    Organic, ideal for seniors. Private garden, please contact Carol ( prior to submitting online

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