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Youth Gardening for Nutrition

Youth Gardening for Nutrition Trains Teachers to Grow Better Nutrition

Youth Garden for Nutrition programs provide a framework to link nutrition to how and where healthy food is grown.  FSNE uses three youth curricula, "Growing Healthy Habits", "Grow It, Try It ,Like It", and "Dig In" to inspire learners at different stages to try more fruits and vegetables through the exploration of the growing process.  Each curricula targets various age groups and introduces students to healthy foods and where food comes from, engage students in the growing process, and provide opportunities to harvest and taste new foods. 

To learn more about Youth Gardening for Nutrition, see the Youth Gardening for Nutrition PDF, contact Heather Buritsch ( or call (410) 715-6903.                                

Youth Gardening for Nutrition is part of the Healthy School Communities initiative.


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