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FSNE Youth Programs

UM Extension’s Programs Bring Nutrition Education to Youths in a Variety of Settings

Federal School Nutrition Programs
Support Healthy Meals at Maryland

The goal of the federal school feeding
programs is to protect the health and
well-being of the nation's children by
providing nutritious school meals and
snacks every day. Schools receive federal
funds for each meal served, provided that
the meal meets established nutrition
standards. The federal government and
The State of Maryland provide additional
funds to schools for each meal served to
children who qualify because of family
income, for free or reduced-price meals. 
Children from low-income families may be
eligible for free or reduced-price meals
based on family income guidelines set by
the federal government.

For more information, contact:

Maryland State Department of Education 
School and Community Nutrition
Phone:  410-767-0225

University of Maryland Extension‘s school-based Food Supplement Nutrition Education (FSNE) programs reach students, teachers, and parents in low income communities including after-school sites, summer meal programs and public schools where 50% or more students qualify for free or reduced-price school lunch.

The goal of the FSNE school-based programs is to integrate key nutrition messages into the school curriculum, policies, the lunchroom, and family shopping and meals.

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