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Healthy Cents

Learning to Shop Wisely for Nutritious Foods Makes HHealthy Centsealthy Cents

The Healthy Cents program is designed to help participants save money while purchasing healthy food.  Healthy Cents lessons focus on making healthy and affordable food choices, reducing food expenses, developing a food spending plan, planning a meal, and saving money on healthy food shopping.

Healthy Cents also teaches participants how to start a container garden for vegetables and herbs and how to keep costs low when eating away from home. 

To learn more about Healthy Cents, see the Healthy Cents PDF, download the full Healthy Cents curriculum, contact Lynn Rubin ( or call the FSNE State Office at 410-715-6903.

Healthy Cents is utilized in conjunction with these FSNE initiatives:

Securing Food Resources for Families, Healthy School Communities, and Healthy Tots, Healthy Families 


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