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This page is open to the public, but is designed to provide information primarily for current Master Gardeners and Master Gardener Interns. It includes information or links to the Frederick Master Gardener Meetings, Training Schedule, Volunteer Activity Logs (Master Gardener timesheets), Site/Project Codes,  and News Article guidelines.


Date Time Topic/Speaker for CE Portion
January 12     7-9 p.m. TBD
February 9 10 a.m.-12 Noon TBD
March 8 7-9 p.m. TBD
April 12 10 a.m.-12 Noon TBD
May 10 7-9 p.m. TBD
June 14 10 a.m.-12 Noon TBD
July 12 7-9 p.m. TBD
August 9 10 a.m.-12 Noon TBD
September 13 7-9 p.m. TBD
October 11 10 a.m.-12 Noon TBD
November 15 10 a.m.-12 Noon TBD
December 13 7-9 p.m. Holiday Party

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       Training Schedule


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VOLUNTEER ACTIVITY LOGS (Master Gardener timesheets)

  • Volunteer Tracking. Because the program receives county and state support, we must show how it beneficially impacts the community. One of the ways to do this by documenting volunteer hours given to the community and programming impacts measured through contacts with the public. The time Master Gardeners spend completing Volunteer Activity Logs is vital for letting the public know how much their investment in supporting the Master Gardener Program benefits the community at large. By using the codes provided for the individual Impact Teams allows us to see where our volunteer hours are spent.  It helps keep the program not only alive and tremendously successful, but helps garner appreciation for your efforts and success. Thank you so much!
  • Volunteer Agreements. In order to be active, you need to have a current volunteer agreement with the University of Maryland Extension. They protect you and the university in case of accidents or other issues while you are volunteering as a Master Gardener.

Log Sheets.
Log sheets are to be turned in on a quarterly basis.
Be sure to get a confirmation from the office and save your copy to eliminate repeated entries.
Please do not change the format from the samples given.

PDF version to print and complete by hand only if you cannot complete the excel version --

Frederick Master Gardener Volunteer Activity Log

Excel version automatically totals the hours, etc. Rather than printing and writing in the hours by hand, type in on the computer, then forward by e-mail, or submit a hard copy -- Frederick Master Gardener Volunteer Activity Log single page --Frederick Master Gardener Volunteer Activity Log mulitple page

Project List Codes -- Frederick Master Gardener Volunteer Activity  Project List Codes

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One of the ways we can help educate is by writing news articles for the Frederick News Post.

Guidelines for Master Gardener Articles

1.    Keep the subject matter to Master Gardener areas of expertise, that we are authorized to teach.  For instance when writing about vegetables don’t stray far into cooking methods or recipes or if writing about herbs don’t go into medicinal properties.  The Maryland Master Gardener Handbook is an example of the many subjects that would be appropriate.
2.    Word count for our column is 500 – if it’s longer, expect it to be returned to you for editing down to 500 words or below.
3.    For examples of style and subjects covered recently or in the past, go to: MG News Articles or
4.    Photos of your subject matter are important and encouraged but not absolutely necessary.   You may take your own or find ones that may be published without violating copy write laws, such as from the MD or other Extension sites.  If they are a large size, please zip or resize them for easy e-mailing handling.   Do not embed photos within a document; send them as separate jpg files.
5.    Deadlines are Sunday of the week before the article is due to be published.   Please honor your commitment by meeting the deadline.  Articles gladly accepted before deadline.
6.    Volunteer Codes: Research time may be recorded for continuing education hours or regular volunteer hours as writing time, as needed.   Writing time is recorded under section 11 Internal Administration of MG Program, 77 NEWSPAPER ARTICLES
7.    Master Gardener Coordinator has final approval over all materials.

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