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Here is information and/or links to the most popular questions that we receive in our office. 

Custom Operators

  A guide to local custom operators and equipment dealers

Land Lease Agreements

Land Rates


Fusarium Head Blight Updates


Farm Publications

  Publications Library - Agriculture Law Education Initiative

Checking Your Cattle For Ticks

Control of Japanese Stiltgrass
(Pennsylvania State University)


Forage Sampling

The Frederick County Extension Office has soil probes, and a forage (hay) probe that you may borrow to take your samples that you will send to a lab for analysis. Since our office is currently closed to the public we have a new procedure for borrowing a probe.

1. Please download and fill out the Probe Sign-Out fillable form and email it to us to request an appointment to borrow a probe.

Soil Probe - Kaitlyn Fuss   301-600-3571
Forage Probe - Lisa Strong   301-600-3576

2. We will contact you and schedule your appointment to pick up the probe; we will meet you outside to exchange your $100.00 deposit (cash or check) for the use of the probe.  Probes are to be returned within a two-week time frame.  Pick up times will be Monday-Friday 8:00 am- 4:30 pm on days when someone is physically in the office.
3. Please contact our office to confirm when you will return the probe so we can exchange the probe for your deposit and have you sign that you received your returned deposit.  Drop off times will be Monday-Friday 8:00 am- 4:30 pm on days when someone is physically in the office.

Lab information:
Soil Samples for a farm, see publications: Soil Sampling Procedures for Nutrient Managment - For Producer Use, and Soil Test Lab Comparison
orage SamplesList of Certified Labs - Click on the NFTA Certified Laboratories link.

Forage Sampler Usage
Round shank adapter for use with electric drill of 1/2 hp or 18 volt capacity (recommended).
Dowel plunger is supplied to remove moist or packed samples.
Each sample needs to be removed prior to taking another sample.


Sources of Technical Assistance, Education, and Support for Farmers in Frederick County Maryland



Common Plants Poisonous to Horses and Livestock in Maryland

Fact Sheet 1 -- Ag 101:  Introduction to Small Scale Farming

Fact Sheet 6 -- Selecting an Enterprise

Fact Sheet 8 -- Pest Management

Fact Sheet 11 -- Season Extension

Fact Sheet 20 -- High-Value Enterprises

Fact Sheet 21 -- Basic Agricultural Glossary - Livestock and Pasture

Fact Sheet -- 781 Guidelines for Selecting Farmland

Fact Sheet -- 782 Basics of Soil and Plant Fertility

Fact Sheet -- 783 Soil Organic Matter

Fact Sheet -- 784 Crop Rotation

Fact Sheet -- 785 Cover Crops

Fact Sheet --786 Grazing Management

Fact Sheet -- 803 Root Cellars - Post-Harvest Treatment and Low Cost Storage of Produce

Fact Sheet -- 804 Selling Your Farm Products

Fertilizer Calculations for the Home and Farm

Introduction to Developing a Free-Range Poultry Enterprise
(A Supplement to the PowerPoint Program)

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