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School Enrichment Programs

Through collaboration with schools across Frederick County, teachers and students in rural and urban areas have access to 4-H resources through curriculum, teaching aids, teacher trainings and special events and field trips.  This method of delivering life skills to youth in the classroom uses 4-H curriculum as part of daily class lessons or as an intensive all-day special event.

School enrichment programs provide several advantages - 4-H gains credibility among formal educators; students gain greater knowledge and skills in areas that might not be covered in their classroom; and a greater diversity of under-represented youth (who might not otherwise take part in a 4-H club, camp or after school program) are served.  

The 4-H lessons offered through school enrichment link university research to 4-H's experimental learning model, allowing students to do, then reflect and then apply what they've learned.

Effective enrichment programs:
•    Bring classroom lessons to life
•    Offer resources for teachers on topics of their choice
•    Supplement the curriculum
•    Introduce students to the 4-H experience
•    Work collaboratively with schools, teachers and school boards

What Topics are Offered Through School Enrichment:
•    Agriculture literacy
•    Embryology
•    Environmental resources
•    Exercise and fitness
•    Financial planning
•    Gardening
•    Leadership development
•    Lego robotics
•    Nutrition education

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