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Club Forms:

DUE BY: January 31st - Club Reporting Forms
  • Public Relations Efforts- Due every year, dated for the previous year.  Showing what efforts you have made in the past year to publicize your club and new members recieved.  Club Leader to physically sign, can be scanned and emailed or a copy provided to the 4-H Office.
  • Secretary's Book (updated in 2018) Due every year, dated for the previous year.  The Secretary's Record Book is the official report of your 4-H club year.  It lists members and leaders in the club and contains the record of business transacted and programs held for the year. Last page requires signatures if applying for a recognition, please also contact the 4-H Office about the recognition.  Document can be scanned and emailed or a copy provided to the 4-H Office.  If no recognition, no signatures are required and can be sent electronically to the 4-H Office.
DUE BY: February - Club Record Books
  • Individual 4-H Member Record Book Score Sheets (word doc)  (pdf)
  • Club Record Book County submittal form for ALL Record Books.  Any new members who have registered in the 4HOnline system by May 1st of the current year will be considered as a first year member.  Anyone enrolled in the 4HOnline system after May 1st will not be counted as a first year member until the following calendar year.  (word doc)  (pdf)
  • Record Book County submittal form to be turned in with County Nomination Record Books, please be sure to include the name of your "Outstanding 4-H'er of the Year".  (word doc)  (pdf)
  • Effective Record Books - this publication gives information about Record Books in general, how to judge and score them, and how to submit your county nominations. 

DUE BY: June 1st - Club Forms

  • Insurance 
  • Fair Eligibility 4-H new and returning members need to be enrolled in the 4HOnline system by May 1st of the current year, members with livestock projects showing at the local fairs need to be enrolled earlier due to weigh-in dates and requirements of Specialty Clubs (i.e. meetings attended).
DUE BY: August 15th - Club Financial Forms 
  • Treasurer's Report - Must be reviewed, corrections made if needed and physically signed by the Treasurer, President and Club Leader each month at your club meeting.  These officers should ensure that all receipts are attached and that the account balances correctly.  
    Treasurer's Report needs to include the following:
    1. Bank Statements covering July 1st - June 30th.  Will be 12-13 months of bank statements depending upon date range of statement.  If the bank statement runs the 1st-30/31st then only 12 months are needed.  If mid-month to mid-month 13 months are needed to cover July 1-June 30th. If emailing, must redact the account number. 
    2. Deposit slips
    3. Receipts for expenses and for checks issued
    4. Annual Audit Checklist - Completed, no signature required 
  • Annual Financial Summary (new form for 2020) - this simplified fillable form lists each account and the balance information.  Remember the beginning balance is the ending balance from last year's report, if you're not sure what that is please contact the 4-H Office. Annual Financial Summary must be physically signed by the Club's Treasurer, President, Leader and an adult Volunteer. Due to the sensitive information on this form, it cannot be emailed. Please mail or drop off at the 4-H Office in the locked Green mailbox on the porch.
  • Annual Club Inventory (new form for 2020) - this fillable form lists 'durable' property of lasting value and also property that has been disposed of.  The form must be physically signed by the Club President, Leader and an adult Volunteer.  Document can be scanned and emailed or a copy provided to the 4-H Office. Needs to be completed every year, even if you have no property.
  • 990N E-Postcard filing due online on or before by August 15th (dated July 1 of the previous year through June 30th of the current year).  Please forward by email a copy of the confirmation page which states "accepted", "rejected" or if there is a problem with the filing to Erin Kline

For Reference:
Club Treasurer's Handbook - Information on being the youth Club Treasurer
Sample Treasurer's Report - Example of a club's Treasurer's Report filled out.

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