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Embryology - School House Chicks

School House Chicks is a hands-on embryology program provided by the University of Maryland Extension - Frederick County 4-H program, where schools are provided with the materials and eggs to offer a 21 day embryology experience in their classrooms. Teachers will receive lessons and resources to utilize in their classrooms which align with NGSS. There is a cost of $10.00 per incubator placed at the school. Schools will be invoiced after the initial class is complete. 

Students learn about life cycles, growth charts, whole grains utilized in feeds while incorporating their mathematics and writing skills. Each class gets two visits involving talking about chickens, setting up an incubator and other brooder supplies in the classroom with eggs, reading an Ag Literacy book, and seeing the chicks hatched. At the end of each 21 day cycle the 4-H Educator returns to the class, and removes the chicks for placement. 

The objectives of the program:

  • To identify parts of an egg and explain their functions
  • To identify the parts and functions of an incubator
  • To make observations and record them
  • To observe and recognize the stages of embryonic chick development
  • To recognize the interaction of environmental factors on embryonic chick development
  • To provide correct post-hatch care of the chicks
  • To develop a greater appreciation for animal life and living things
  • To demonstrate patience, cooperation, sharing, and responsibility
  • To learn about the law of nature
  • To learn about the opportunities available in 4-H  

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