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Diamond Clover

The Diamond Clover program is a 6 Level achievement program, culminating in the establishment of a long-term, impactful, community service-driven project created by senior level 4-Hers.  The Diamond Clover Guideline packet is a good place to start to better understand the program. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 are approved by a member's primary club leader and are recognized at the County Achievement Night.  Level 5 projects require the approval of the County Educator at both the plan and report stages, and are recognized each year at the State 4-H Gala in January.  The Level 6 - Plan and Level 6 - Proposal require approval at the club, county, and state level prior to the start of the project.  Once the Level 6 - Report is approved at all levels, the 4-Her is recognized at the State 4-H Gala.

To find out more about the Diamond Clover program, please go to and scroll down to the Diamond Clover Program section. 


Maryland 4-H Foundation (15 scholarships offered ranging from $500 to $2,500) Deadline-June 1st to the MD 4-H Office 

Frederick County Deadline-March 1st to the FC 4-H Office

Darren S. Kennedy Deadline-April 30th to the address listed on the application

Frederick County 4-H Camp Scholarship - Deadline is March 1st and mailed to the address listed on the application

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