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Animal Husbandry & Quality Assurance (AH&QA)

The Maryland and West Virginia 4-H and FFA Animal Husbandry & Quality Assurance (AH&QA) Program is an on-line training program which enables youth to fulfill the Quality Assurance training requirement via internet from their home, school or local library. This program is offered to help youth who participate in 4-H and FFA animal projects in Maryland and West Virginia learn about the importance of caring for, grooming and showing their animals in safe and ethical ways. The program has two levels based on the member’s age as of January 1, 2020; a Junior Level is presented for members who are ages 8-10 and an Intermediate/Senior Level is presented for members who are ages 11-18.

2020 Program Requirements for Maryland 4-H Exhibitors

• All 4-H members enrolled in alpacas, beef, dairy, goats, horse and pony, llamas, poultry, sheep, swine and rabbits are required to complete the training to be eligible to exhibit their project animals in 2020 Maryland County 4-H and State 4-H Shows.
• 4-Hers are required to complete the on-line training program when they reach each 4-H age division (Juniors (ages 8-10), Intermediates (ages 11-13), Seniors (ages 14-18) – all as of January 1 of the current year) OR when as Intermediates and Seniors, they are new to an animal science project listed above. Thus, each time a member enters a new age division, they will be required to complete the training PLUS if an Intermediate or Senior 4-H member chooses to show a new species since last completing the program within an age division they must return to program and complete the program for the new species area.
• There are two different Levels to the program. Members will be automatically taken to the appropriate Level according to the birthdate entered on the registration screen:
  Junior AH&QA Level (ages 8-10)
    1. There is one part to the Junior Level.
    2. There are no species-specific information sections as with the Intermediate and Senior Level of the program.
  Intermediate and Senior AH&QA Level (ages 11-18)
    1. There are two parts to the Intermediate/Senior Level:
    • Part 1 is completed by all intermediate and senior members.
    • Part 2 contains specific information for each animal species - members will need to complete Part 2 of the program for each species project they are enrolled in and wish to exhibit.
Members will have access to the AH&QA program from April 15th through July 31st , 2020. Members MUST complete the AH&QA training by July 31st.
• Upon registering for the program, members are assigned a PASSCODE. Members who were assigned a Passcode prior to 2015 will need to register for a new Passcode.

About the Online 4-H and FFA AH&QA Program

• The Online AH&QA program will take about 50-55 minutes for Juniors to complete and 75 to 85 minutes for Intermediates and Seniors to complete. If a member needs to stop the AH&QA training in the middle of the program, he or she may return to the program where they left off by entering their Passcode on the Home Page of the program.
• The AH&QA program has voice narration. The material is shared in both written and verbal formats.
• Members will be asked to respond to questions to evaluate knowledge in “Check Your Knowledge” and “What I Learned” quizzes at different points during the program.
• Parents and volunteers may view the program as a “Guest”. Guests do not have their progress recorded by the AH&QA program.

Information to Help You Successfully Complete the 4-H and FFA AH&QA Program

• The program must be completed using Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browsers. The program is NOT supported by Internet Explorer.
• Members may access the AH&QA program at: or via a link on the Animal Science Program Resources page of the Maryland 4-H website at
• When members register for the program, they will be provided a unique Passcode. Members should write their Passcode down and keep it in a safe place! They will be asked to enter their passcode when responding to the “Check Your Knowledge” and “What I Learned” quizzes.
• A member must be LOGGED IN (with their name, not as GUEST) for the system to track their progress and record their completion of the program. There is a message at the top right-hand corner of the screen indicating the member’s status. When logged in, the message will read “Logged in: [Member’s Name]”. If the member is not logged in correctly, the message will not identify them by name; it will identify them as a “Guest Account“. Progress will NOT be recorded using a “Guest Account”.
• A member may LOG OUT of the program at any point and return to it at a later time. The member must subsequently log in and enter their passcode to return to the place at which they logged out.
• The AH&QA program will automatically “LOG OUT” a member after a period of inactivity during the session. When this occurs, the member should return to the home screen and log back in to the program. Watch for the message at the top of the screen indicating the member’s login status.
• A member may review previously completed sections of the AH&QA program at any time they are logged in by using the drop-down menu at the upper left-hand corner of the screen. The menu will not permit a member to “jump forward” in the program.
• Upon completion of the Junior Level program or the Intermediate/Senior Level individual specie sections, members will have an opportunity to print a Certificate of Completion for their records. It is suggested that members keep the Certificate of Completion with their animal health papers, registration papers and other important animal records.
• When logged in, a member may use the menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to reprint past completion certificates.
• When a member is correctly logged in, the Certificate of Completion will automatically fill in the member’s name and date of completion. A Certificate of Completion with “Guest” for the member’s name would indicate that the member was not correctly logged in.
• Each member’s progress will be kept in a statewide database. Their County 4-H Office will have access to records showing that they have completed the AH&QA training.

Questions about the program may be directed to: Erin Kline at or call 301-600-1595 and please leave a message if prompted.
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