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beech leaf Unit 1  Unit 1. The Forested Landscape
          Lesson  1.  Introduction
         Lesson   2.  The World's Forests
         Lesson   3.  America's Forests
         Lesson   4.  Maryland's Forests
         Lesson   5.  History and Policy
         Lesson   6.  Key Players

red fern Unit 2  Unit 2. The Forest and the Trees
          Lesson   7.  Tree Identification
          Lesson   8.  The Tree and How It Grows
          Lesson   9.  The Forest Community
          Lesson 10.   Natural Cycles in Our Environment

silver maple leaf Unit 3  Unit 3. Forest Care
          Lesson 11.  Silviculture - The Art and Science
                             of Forestry
          Lesson 12.  Forest Health
          Lesson 13.  Fire and Forest Protection

white oak leaf Unit 4  Unit 4. Forest Inventory and Analysis
          Lesson 14.  Inventory - An Introduction
          Lesson 15.  Planning the Inventory
          Lesson 16.  Forest Inventory - In the Field
          Lesson 17.  Interpreting the Data

green fern leaf Unit 5  Unit 5. The Management Plan
          Lesson 18.  Elements of a Management Plan
          Lesson 19.  Managing Forests for Wildlife
          Lesson 20.  Managing for Forest Products
          Lesson 21.  Managing for Outdoor Recreation
          Lesson 22.  Managing for Aesthetic and 
                             Ecological Benefits

black cherry leaf Unit 6  Unit 6. The Business of Forestry
          Lesson 23.  Financial and Legal Considerations
          Lesson 24.  The Harvest
          Lesson 25.  Site Preparation
          Lesson 26.  The Manufacturing of Forest 

A more detailed description of the lessons can be found under Course Information.

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