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Updated: February 2, 2024
By Emily Zobel

April 2022  |  Volume 13, Issue 1

Check for Allium leaf miner in onions and leeks over the next few weeks

Jerry Brust, University of Maryland Extension, IPM Vegetable Specialist

If you grow leeks or onions or other Allium species, now and for the next few weeks is the time to watch for the tell-tale marks left by Allium leaf miner. Allium leaf miner Phytomyza gymnostoma tell-tale marks consist of many linear small white dots (made by the female’s ovipositor) that appear in...Read More

Edema problem in high tunnel tomatoes

Jerry Brust, University of Maryland Extension, IPM Vegetable Specialist

I recently received an inquiry from a high tunnel grower about unusual symptoms on tomato leaves. The tomatoes were planted in early March, and in the past few weeks developed blisters or callus-like growths along...Read more

Using Plant Growth Regulators to Improve Apple Return Bloom

Pranoy Basu & Macarena Farcuh, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, University of Maryland, College Park

Return bloom is a crucial factor in maintaining crop yields in apple trees year-to-year, especially in strong biennial bearing cultivars. In apples, the fate of the...Read more

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    Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommedations

    The Mid-Atlantic Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations Guide is available for free

  • Fig.1 Common Asparagus beetle and eggs on asparagus. Photo: Ward Upham, Kansas State University,

    Early Spring Vegetable Insect Scouting Tips

    Photo: Ward Upham, Kansas State University,

Botryis Fruit Rot (Gray Mold) and Crown Rot in Strawberries

Gordon Johnson, U.Del Extension Vegetable & Fruit Specialist

Strawberry growers in the region should initiate programs to control Botrytis fruit and crown rots in strawberries. Gray mold of strawberry fruit is caused by the fungus Botrytis cinerea. This pathogen can also cause crown rots that...Read more

Spring Pest Scouting in Strawberries

Haley Sater, University of Maryland Extension Ag Agent-Wicomico County

With the majority of freezing night time lows behind us, strawberry growers should begin scouting for pests during bloom. Earliglow is already in bloom on the...Read more

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