Alternative Crops

Alternative Crops at the Wye

University of Maryland Extension directly supports production agriculture in all its forms to facilitate farm profitability.  Specialty crops can be very valuable and may be a profitable way to get the most income out of a small area. These extension pages showcase some of the specialty crops being trialed and studied at Wye Research and Education Center.  Each year we add new crops to the list for investigation.

Golden Berry, Blueberry, Haskin, Hops

Dr. Andrew Ristvey is a University of Maryland extension specialist for commercial horticulture. He received his Master of Science degree from University of Maryland, Eastern Shore in 1993. He earned his Doctorate in Horticulture in 2004 from University of Maryland, College Park in plant nutrition, and nutrient management. In 2005 he joined University of Maryland Extension. His present extension and research interests are plant nutrition, water quality, and sustainable alternative crop production for small farms.