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4-H Presents - Demonstration, Illustrated Talk and Talent Contest

Saturday, Jun. 29, 2019 - 9:00am to 5:00pm
University of MD Extension Office - Frederick County
330 Montevue Lane
Frederick, MD 21702
United States
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Demonstration, Illustrated Talk and Talent Contest

Saturday,  June 29, 2019

Contest:  9:00 a.m. – University of MD Extension Office – Frederick County 
Awards:  Following Contest

Rules and Regulations are given below:  Entries must completed online at by June 3, 2019.  Further information and schedules will be sent to those entering.  Score sheets are available at the 4-H Office.  NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED!!!


Juniors 8-10 years old 
Intermediate 11-13 years old
Seniors 14-19 years old        


                                        GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS

  1. The participant must be enrolled in the Frederick, Howard or Montgomery County 4-H Program, and in good standing.  You do not have to be enrolled in the project you are demonstrating.
  2. Participants must furnish all their own equipment and supplies.  A table and easel is provided for all presentations. 
  3. Each 4-Her is to do all his/her own work, including set up and take down.  There will be hosts and hostesses to assist.  Parents and other 4-Hers are invited to sit in and watch but not help.  This is a great way to see what 4-H has to offer.
  4. 4-Hers should be appropriately dressed and well groomed.
  5. Presentations will be judged by the Danish system according to merit. 4-Her's placing in the "EXCELLENT" group will receive blue ribbons, the "VERY GOOD" group will receive red ribbons and the "GOOD" group will receive white ribbons.  Champions are chosen from the blue ribbon winners in each judging group.  A special award will be presented to each champion individual or team entry.


  1. A demonstration is actually showing someone how to make something and doing it.  It should also show a finished product at the end to show. You should have a poster telling supplies needed at least. (Ex. - Making a craft or showing how to groom a pet)
  2. An Illustrated Talk is telling someone about something and using posters to illustrate it, but not actually doing it.  (Ex. - Safety - when mowing)
  3. You should include an introduction in your demonstration or Illustrated Talk.  This should include name, age, and club.
  4. If you aren’t sure where to enter, or have questions, call Ms. Jennie at 301-600-1589.




1. The classes are:

  • a. Foods - (any food and nutrition project)
  • b. Home Economics - (child care, clothing, consumer education, home furnishings, management, and health)
  • c. Arts & Crafts - (decorated textiles, holiday & seasonal crafts)
  • d. Hobby - (bicycle, woodworking, collections, electricity, photography)
  • e. Horticulture - (any plant related project)
  • f. Animals - (dairy, livestock, pet care, vet. science, horse)
  • g. Miscellaneous - (safety, computers, petroleum power, etc.)

2. Timing (Please watch your time as you will be penalized if your demonstration or talk goes over the time limit).

  • a. Clovers- at least 1 minute but not more than 3 minutes
  • b. Juniors - at least 5 minutes but not more than 10 minutes
  • c. Intermediates and Seniors - at least 10 minutes but not more than 15 minutes

3. Demonstrations should not be memorized. It is suggested that notes be used and written on 3"x5" cards.
4. Champions will be invited to do a presentation during the 2019 MD State Fair in the 4-H Building.
5. Suggestions on what a Foods Demonstration should include:

  • a. Information about nutritional value
  • b. Steps in the preparation of the dish or food product
  • c. The occasion or purpose of the dish or food product
  • d. A finished product. This should be displayed during the allotted time for the presentation for the judge’s inspection. The judge may or may not choose to taste food samples. Please give judges a copy of the recipe before demonstration starts. (The finished product may be prepared before the demonstration or during the actual demonstration.)
  • e. A poster with the following information on it:
    • Name of recipe
    • List of ingredients
      • Ingredients are listed in order of use in the recipe.
      • All measurements should be in common fractions.
      • Brand names and abbreviations should be omitted.
  •  f. Instructions for combining ingredients
    • The instructions for preparing the dish must be clear with the correct terms for food preparation used. The size of the pan, temperature and cooking time, and the number of servings should be stated.
  • g. It is recommended that you place all your ingredients on a tray to your right. Make sure all brand names are covered up on your ingredients. Place a piece of wax paper on the table in front of you to work on and tape a paper lunch bag to the table for trash. Place an empty tray to your left on table to put items on as you use them from the tray on the right. Have a wet cloth to wipe your hands on. Before you display your finished product, put empty tray under full tray and place a dishtowel, etc. over items to cover them. If you can, remove “messy” trays to another location. Then display finished product on placemat, etc. and offer judges a taste.
  • h. The Majority of set-up and take down of food demonstrations needs to be done in the hall, not in the room. Please have all items on trays ready to go, so set-up takes minimal time when you get in the room.




  1. Divisions are offered in individual or small group (2-3 members).
  2. Classes and time limits are:
    • Vocal Presentation - 2 to 5 minutes
    • Dance Presentation - 2 to 5 minutes
    • Instrument Presentation - 2 to 5 minutes
    • Reading or skit (2 members or less) - 2 to 5 minutes
    • Other (puppets, gymnastics, etc.) 2 to 5 minutes
  3. 4-Hers are to bring a copy of their music with them for the judges.
  4. Introduce yourself and tell what you are doing before you start.
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